Fire Extinguishers

Everyone likes new and shiny!  State Certified has “New In The BoxANSUL portable ABC fire extinguishers in 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 pound weights on our trucks. 

We sell new and shiny to:

  •  Homeowners for your safety and piece of mind
  •  Business Owners for their safety, piece of mind and to stay compliant 
  •  Replace Damaged Fire Extinguishers 
  •  Replace Fire Extinguishers that fail Inspection, Maintenance or Recertification

Whether you choose State Certified for your Portable Fire Extinguisher needs or another company, we all win.  Keeping you safe at home or safe and compliant at your business, is yours and every Fire Equipment Service Companies top priority.  State Certified, serving what and who matters.  YOU!!!